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Apps Are Hard!

At least, that is the conventional wisdom.

It takes a lot of work to create an app and it is expensive. Therefore, you need a large user base and a good business model to justify the investment!

Because of this, many possibly interesting and valuable use cases and applications addressing niche groups and interests are never explored. At best, simplified web platforms are used for information only websites.

At Runette Software - we think that this is wrong!'

We have shown that you can build apps easily and quickly using:

  • The latest front-end frameworks, particularly in our case Angular CLI,
  • Advanced functional libraries such as Leaflet.js and Chart.js,
  • Modern Design Systems and UI component libraries like Material Design, and
  • Serverless cloud infrastructure and NoSQL, protobuf like data storage,

This is, if you like, a componentised approach to building these apps. It does require highly skilled practitioners and an advanced, automated toolchain to create a DevOps approach and rapid production prototyping.

This is all based upon the use of Progressive Web Application (PWA) design pattern. This approach creates web apps that provide most of the benefits of native apps while still allowing write-once and run-everywhere.

Overall, the combination provides a solution that:

  • Can be highly functional and interactive,
  • Looks very modern,
  • Has the speed and network efficiency of a native app,
  • Has the low acceptance threshold and user resource requirements of a web app and does not require a user download onto their memory limited phone,
  • Provides all of the rapid development and maintenance benefits of a web app, and
  • Runs on all devices and most browsers.